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Nov 1

Moving the Goods

What horizontal force must be applied to a pillowcase of candy with a weight of 98 N in order to give it a horizontal acceleration of 10 m/s2? (Ignore forces of friction).

A. 9.8 N.

B. 100.0 N.

C. 490.0 N.

D. 980.0 N.

To see the solution, visit the following link:

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Oct 4

Period of an Acoustical Wave


Normal Force Exerted By Ceiling

A block weighing 40 N is held in contact with the ceiling of a room by an upward force of 50 N. What is the magnitude of the normal force exerted by the ceiling on the block?

A. 0 N.

B. 10 N.

C. 50 N.

D. 90 N.

To see the solution, visit the following link:

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